Picture a world where people act collaboratively to thrive in balance with the natural world
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the rescope project

The Rescope Project brings people together to help build a society that thrives in balance with the natural world

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Imagine a world where people and all life thrive in balance with business and society. Imagine a world where business success did not cost the earth. The Rescope Project is a growing collaborative community that exists to make that world a reality.

Respond to the climate emergency

The climate emergency is a pressing priority and calls for immediate action by all stakeholders. We need to drastically reduce carbon emissions. We need to do it now. That is why we have chosen to focus our energy at The Rescope Project on collaboration between people and businesses to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050.

Rescope your wealth

As responsible owners of financial capital, investors can make a direct impact on the way companies operate, including having a real impact on carbon emissions reduction. Rescope Wealth has been designed to help investors champion socially responsible goals and influence the ways businesses work to deliver on these goals

the rescope project

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes with Oliver Bäte

This podcast series brings out useful insights into the challenges and progress playing out in the international arena. Taking in developments in the world of business, government and society at large, this episode highlights the work of Oliver Bate who heads up the European based Alliance insurance company, and his organisation’s contribution to the climate crisis challenge.

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the rescope project

Greenworking – the collaboration needed to transition through the climate crisis

I am an investor and a citizen with a keen interest in and commitment to sustainability. It is important to me that my investments perform financially, but also that they support companies that are aligned with my values and are helping reduce unsustainability. In this respect, the UN SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), The Stockholm Resilience Centre’s Planetary Boundaries and the Global Footprint’s Earth Overshoot reports offer some useful guidelines. Over the years, I have also sought out ESG (Environmental Social Governance) investor information and evaluations to try to better understand companies more worthy of my support, however, I have become increasingly frustrated and unimpressed by the insights they offer.

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